Where it all began.

Samantha Thavasa’s representative brand.
Based on a concept of “on overflowing aura of happiness,” this line is rich in trendiness and glamour, and includes a wide range of casual as well as elegant items. An array of colors such as pastels, vivid hues and monotones are offered.
These bags are instantly recogniza... and more

Creating a casual style for adults.

Introducing bags with designs that match the casual style of adults,
which are practical yet very trendy.
Also includes a wide variety of charms and small items.

Samantha Thavasa’s men’s line.

Offering both casual items and those for business use,
this brand can be enjoyed in various types of lifestyles.
Featuring bags, jewelry and small accessories with fun, original details and designs.

Stylish coordination inside your bag, too!

This is a small-item brand featuring wallets, card cases and makeup bags.
The lineup is highly fashionable and trendy, with all items designed based on the theme “Stylish coordination inside your bag, too!”
But functionality is valued just as much as design – many of the items have mirrors or photo holders inside... and more

Femininity, glamour and beauty.

Trendiness and glamour are the qualities of this jewelry line.
Jewelry you can choose to suit your mood or outfit that day…
This is a brand for women who know such personal pleasures.

Samantha Tiara’s bridal jewelry.

Jewelry that symbolizes an everlasting commitment of love should only be made using the finest materials and the rarest of diamonds.
The designs combining femininity, glamour and an elegant type of beauty are sure to cast your special memories into shape.

Making jewelry more casual.

Offering products that highlight mature women’s beauty, while maintaining a playful, youthful touch.
From oversized items to delicate types, trendy jewelry with unique detailing is offered, mainly in silver.
You can also find a wide array of detailed “happy motifs” such as hearts,
clovers, crosses, ribbons,... and more

SAMANTHA SILVA's bridal jewelry.

Based on themes of "sweet,'' "happy,'' and "romantic,'' this jewelry allows you to be yourself throughout your married life.
Providing engagement rings and wedding bands to symbolize your everlasting commitment to each other.

Making golf a more fashionable activity.

Samantha Thavasa’s first golf brand, “UNDER25 Samantha Thavasa,” was designed for women who feel that, no matter what their actual age may be, they will always be 25 on the inside.
Following its debut, our elegant, feminine golf brand “No.7 Samantha Thavasa” was launched in March 2013. Its products are created with specia... and more

Fashion sweets that are wonderful to look at, to taste, and to give as a gift.

Samantha Thavasa has produced a line of sweets, with the concept of treating our customers to something special, to make them feel extra happy.
In addition to our own original sweets, collaboration sweets created with famous pastry chefs are offered.
It’s just like a select shop of sweets, with a lineup of sweets ... and more

Brand List

  • Samantha Thavasa
  • Samantha Thavasa Deluxe
  • Samantha Vega
  • Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
  • Samantha Tiara
  • Samantha Tiara Bridal
  • UNDER25 Samantha Thavasa
  • No7 Samantha Thavasa
  • Samantha Thavasa Anniversary
  • Sweets Samantha Thavasa

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